2020 Recap Ultragate Crypto project: Achievements

With the end of 2020 in sight, lets take a look on 2020 and give an idea of what we will work on in 2021.


After releasing our initial usecase Jobgate early 2019, we focussed on developing another platform which would grow in time. The addaption of cryptocurrencies was happening slowly worldwide.

Developing a platform that is ready for when bigger adoption happens was one of the element why we developed Marketgate. Marketgate, a platform where vendors can start their own (web)shop and sell different items. All purchases are paid in the supported cryptocurrencies.

The addition of Casinogate brought a platform where people could play games with their ULG and try to win more…Buying ULG through Casinogate is also an option.

Instantly buying ULG without KYC and/or signups is possible on Instagate.

Platform listings:

We achieved some great partnerships/ 3rd party platform listings such as Rapids and the Flits Mobile wallet integration.

We also added some exchanges where ULG can be purchased.

You can also purchase coinpacks on the Vault platform and instantly take part in the shared masternode platform.

This month we expect to be added to Stakecube.

Latest development:

Our latest development, coinvoting on Casinogate, gives other projects the opportunity to have their currency listed on casinogate. A great opportunity for projects to have an instant new usecase/ utility for their currency.

So whats next:

2021 Will be the year with the biggest opportunity for ULG Masternode holders. We have some huge platforms upcoming which could be a great opportunity to get your masternode up and running and benefit from the new masternode incentive program. Dont wait too long, dont miss this great opportunity to get a masternode relative cheap, dont miss the opportunity…

Join and follow us. We have regular promotions on different platforms and regular airdrops/ giveaways:


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